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Real Time Topology Optimization

GENERATE empowers engineers to create optimal designs faster through a balance of artificial intelligence and human insight. Leveraging its patented generative engine, TrueSOLID, Generate couples advanced topology optimization and simulation algorithms with real-time interaction to quickly produce high-performing, ready to manufacture mechanical designs.

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Create designs that are lighter, stronger and more efficient than those designed using conventional CAD software alone. GENERATE unlocks engineers from the constraints of traditional feature-based design, refining what is possible with additive manufacturing.

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Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

Real Parts in Real Time

Interactive generative design means you can modify parameters and watch the optimal solution generate in real-time. Make changes, see results in seconds rather than hours.

Manufacture-Ready Designs

Optimizing geometry is not useful if you can’t manufacture the part. Real-time topology optimization in GENERATE uses different manufacturing constraints to quickly create actual, end-use parts without having to remodel in CAD.

Faster Design Output

Interactive generative design enables engineers to find solutions previously deemed impossible. Whether a part redesign, an assembly or an entirely new design, GENERATE leverages its GPU-enabled optimization engine to improve and create designs fast.

Customers Powered by GENERATE

“GENERATE® has been a game changer for my team. The ability to shortcut the design process from months to days with real usable geometry is unprecedented in my experience. The team has been very responsive and have gone out of their way to solve our problems.”

Harry Zhong, Breakthrough Innovation Technical Lead, Stanley Black and Decker

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