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70% Weight Reduction

As a part of the GE bracket challenge, Frustum cut a critical aircraft bracket weight by 70% while meeting all functional requirements

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Realize Additive Manufacturing's Full Potential

Refine geometry detail to reduce weight and maintain integrity to fully utilize advanced manufacturing.

Deliver Better Products Faster

Calculate, optimize, adapt and validate design options in parallel by running multiple optimizations on the cloud.

Design for a Higher Complexity Future

Blend topology optimization and traditional CAD data to create fully printable designs without manual manipulation to smooth the geometry into mechanical interfaces.

What makes us unique?

Generate’s core technology TrueSOLID™ makes Generative Design functional by blending indeterminate generative geometry to traditional CAD geometry with engineering precision. Resulting designs are of better quality and directly manufacturable eliminating manual remodeling or editing steps.

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Made for Designers and Engineers

Flexibility to handle intricate or rugged designs and workflows that support additive manufacturing, milling or casting.

Generate understands the intricate balance needed to satisfy design precision, strength and light-weighting required by the aerospace industry.

Generate technology is right at home enabling designers to engineer critical automotive parts that meet the demand of high performance vehicles.

Generate's functional generative design enables medical industry engineers to push the boundaries of medical implants and tools, while maintaining the dependability essential to performance.

Generate's technology helps industrial designers reduce material consumption by providing topology optimized alternatives to traditionally over-engineered parts.

Generate's core technology enables designers to optimize design at any scale.

Generate's functional generative design allows architects and engineers to push the bounds of building design.

Generate's complex geometry capabilities are ideal for supporting high performance parts, like those common in the power generation.

Generate's advanced geometry kernel frees designers to translate their imagination directly into the next product sensation.

Empowering Industry Leaders

“Generate® has been a game changer for my team. The ability to shortcut the design process from months to days with real usable geometry is unprecedented in my experience. The easy to use, cloud based, pay as you go interface has removed virtually all barriers to entry and delivered value instantly. The team has been very responsive and have gone out of their way to solve our problems.”

Harry Zhong, Breakthrough Innovation Technical Lead, Stanley Black and Decker

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