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Our vision is to free industrial designers and engineers from traditional design constraints, empowering them to create next generation products that exceed customer expectations while reducing the cost and time to market for their innovations.

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CEO Jesse Coors-Blankenship

A pioneer of generative design, Jesse founded Frustum, Inc. in 2014 to usher in a new paradigm of CAD. Recognized for his expertise, Jesse served as a Columbia University (MSAAD-2010) Researcher & Professor, teaching generative design and programming to hundreds of graduate students. Jesse also worked as a Senior Optimization Engineer at Autodesk Research for Additive Manufacturing and Aerospace applications. His work included leading the Optimization of the Airbus 2050 concept plane. As CEO of Frustum, Inc., Jesse has enjoyed growing a profitable and innovative company by establishing strong relationships, commercial agreements and OEM partnerships.

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CTO Jon Hiller

Jon is the architect of Frustum’s core generative design technology TrueSOLID™ that includes volumetric geometry, simulation methods, and optimization processes. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University’s Computational Synthesis Lab, and is the author of 15+ peer reviewed interdisciplinary research articles across generative design, additive manufacturing, and robotics. Prior to Frustum, Inc., Jon invented and brought the MOSS modular robotic building kit to market, overseeing a multi-disciplinary engineering team at Modular Robotics.

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Passionate about generative design, Josh is the architect of the GENERATE™ platform as well as the leader and mentor of Frustum’s full-stack engineering team. Prior to Frustum, Inc., Josh spent 15+ years as a Sr. Architect at Autodesk Research, where he led a global, multi-disciplinary team of over 20 engineers to the final product delivery of the Autodesk Factory Suite.

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Benefits of Working at Frustum

Want to reshape how produts are designed and manufactured? Come be a part of the team that is moving the needle!

Shape Generative Design

Generative design is radically changing product design, and Frustum is at the forefront of this effort. Help bring higher complexity engineering to market.

Advance Additive Manufacturing

Additive technology has eclipsed the abilities of CAD, leaving the market in search of tools that can keep up. Help bring functional generative design to market.

Contribute to R&D Efforts

Work with R&D teams at the world's largest industrial brands to design and manufacture cutting edge parts tha will have a material impact on our world.

Have An Impact

Be heard and help shape one of the most exciting technology companies in the industrial design market. At Frustum, you won't be asked for an opinion -- you'll be expected to give it.

Join the Revolution. Invest in Frustum.

The inventor of the revolutionary TrueSOLID™ technology, Frustum has been reconigzed by Siemens Venture Capital / next47 for its unique contribution to the CAD and additive manufacturing industries.  Already trusted by clients such as Stanley Black & Decker, Oerlikon-Metco, Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson to name a few.  Please reach out if you are interested in joining our dynamic investor group. 

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