Frustum and Siemens Partner to Bring Topology Optimization to Siemens NX


We’re excited to announce that Frustum has officially inked a partnership with Siemens to integrate Generate as a module for the Siemens NX™ software. 


We are excited to enable Siemens NX customers to design fully optimized parts, ready for 3D printing, as well empower them to move beyond the boundaries of traditional CAD geometry

Engineers and designers using Siemens NX with Convergent Modeling technology in combination with the newly integrated capabilities from Frustum can blend topology optimization with traditional CAD data, overcoming a traditional hurdle in such workflows.


Empowering Siemens NX users

Generate+NX-02 copy.png

Designers will be able to

  • discover and deliver novel, manufacture-ready parts and products
  • with optimally balanced performance, structural strength and weight
  • in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take.

We can't wait to see what endeavoring Siemens NX users will do with the help of our technology.


A perfect marriage

Our partnership with Siemens is a perfect marriage of shared visions. Bob Haubrock, senior vice president of Product Engineering Software for Siemens PLM Software agreed saying:


Frustum’s unique technology, now fully integrated with NX and its unique Convergent Modeling technology, fits with Siemens’ approach and vision to free industrial designers and engineers to create the next generation of parts and products that closely match customer needs, reduce energy consumption, and drastically reduce the cost and time to market for these innovations.



Stay tuned for more exciting news about Generate!



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