Join Frustum’s CEO and Founder, Jesse Coors-Blankenship, at the 5th Additive Aerospace Summit


Are you ready for Infocast’s Additive Aerospace Summit in Los Angeles? As Chairman of the Digital Thread discussion, I’m anxiously awaiting October 18th when the doors open and I have the opportunity to meet other innovative designers and engineers. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s a forum for practitioners to discuss the latest applications of additive manufacturing, bring clarity to the qualification process, and get critical insider perspectives on supply chain implications. It’s a who’s who in the industry and if you can make it, it will be worth your time.

I’ve been invited to participate in three different sessions this year, including giving the opening remarks on Wednesday at 8:45am. Setting the tone for the show, I’ll be challenging attendees to question how ‘digital thread’ can transform their use of additive manufacturing and provide greater insight into product lifecycle, as well as overall supply chain management.

Don’t miss the Wednesday 10:00am panel, CAD Innovations for Aerospace and Defense, where I’ll be joining industry visionaries like Rani Richardson (Dassault Systemes) and Paul Sagar (PTC). We’ll be debating the merits of design innovations - like functional generative design - as well as giving examples of how to make the most of these innovations in your day-to-day work.

One of the highlights of the show will be the Thursday 4:00pm conversation, Bionic Structures and Topology Optimization. I’ll be sharing some interesting use-cases, tips and strategies for how topology optimization can improve part resilience to the harshest environments, all while maintaining the lightweight benefits of generative design and 3D printing.  

If you're in the LA area and are interested in attending, drop us a line in the comment section below! Frustum customers get a reduced ticket rate.

Hope to see you in LA, 


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