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MIT xPRO learners to access Frustum’s Generate® Topology Optimization Software in New Course on the Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing

Using Generate, participants will learn the skills necessary to design parts for AM, combining engineering intuition with computationally-driven design and process-specific constraint.

Boulder, CO – April 2018 – Today, Frustum Inc., the leader in functional generative design, announced the selection of the company’s cloud-based generative design platform, Generate®, for use in a new MIT xPRO online course, ‘Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production.’ Starting on April 30, for the duration of the 9-week course, Generate will aid students in learning the fundamentals of additive manufacturing as they solve real-world design and business strategy problems right from their web browser.

Independently selected by MIT as a cutting edge tool for generative design, Generate allows for the blending of indeterminate generative geometry to traditional surface-based CAD with engineering precision, enabling additive and other manufacturing techniques to realize their full potential. In addition to creating high quality designs that deliver weight and material savings, with Topology Optimization.

Using Generate for real-world application experience, learners will walk away from the course equipped to architect and implement innovative uses of AM in their organizations, and envision new AM-enabled products, processes, and business models across the entire product lifecycle.

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About Generate®

Frustum’s Generate® software empowers designers and engineers to blend the power of generative design with precise CAD geometry to produce manufacture-ready parts that are lighter, stronger and more efficient. Moving towards a single-click solution for product design for designers and engineers, Generate has the flexibility to handle intricate or rugged designs and workflows that support additive manufacturing, milling, or casting.

About Frustum Inc.

Frustum empowers engineers to push the boundaries of what’s possible by combining the power of generative design with precision engineering. Through its flagship product, Generate®, Frustum makes generative design truly functional, enabling users to create manufacture-ready parts and products with optimally balanced performance, structural strength, and weight in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take them with CAD alone.

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Jesse Blankenship

Jesse Blankenship

A pioneer of generative design, Jesse founded Frustum, Inc. in 2014 to usher in a new paradigm of CAD. Recognized for his expertise, Jesse served as a Columbia University (MSAAD-2010) Researcher & Professor, teaching generative design and programming to hundreds of graduate students. Jesse also worked as a Senior Optimization Engineer at Autodesk Research for Additive Manufacturing and Aerospace applications. His work included leading the Optimization of the Airbus 2050 concept plane. As CEO of Frustum, Inc., Jesse has enjoyed growing a profitable and innovative company by establishing strong relationships, commercial agreements and OEM partnerships.