Core Technology

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TrueSOLID™ Makes Generative Design Functional

Create manufacture-ready parts and products with optimally balanced performance, structural strength and weight in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take with CAD alone.

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Geometry Kernel

Full control of blending complex structures, like lattices, with traditional CAD geometry. Thousands of 3D and 2D lattice configurations including minimal surfaces. Completely Finite Element Analysis compatible structures.


Simulation Framework

A multi-physics framework that leverages raster model simulation method for fast and accurate simulation. Uses hexahedra-8 for accelerated simulation.


Optimization Framework

Efficient and fast topology optimization that blends with precise assembly interfaces for truly optimal geometry.

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Made for Engineers in Any Industry

Flexibility to handle intricate or rugged designs and workflows that support additive manufacturing, milling or casting.


Frustum understands the intricate balance needed to satisfy design precision, strength and light-weighting required by the aerospace industry.


Frustum technology is right at home enabling designers to engineer critical automotive parts that meet the demand of high performance vehicles.


Frustum's functional generative design enables medical industry engineers to push the boundaries of medical implants and tools, while maintaining the dependability essential to performance.

Heavy Industry

Frustum's technology helps industrial designers reduce material consumption by providing topology optimized alternatives to traditionally over-engineered parts.

Marine & Shipbuilding

Frustum's core technology enables designers to optimize design at any scale.


Frustum's functional generative design allows architects and engineers to push the bounds of building design.


Frustum's complex geometry capabilities are ideal for supporting high performance parts, like those common in the power generation.

Consumer Products

Frustum's advanced geometry kernel frees designers to translate their imagination directly into the next product sensation.

Frustum Is
Pioneering Functional Generative Design

Recognized by Siemens for its unique contribution to the additive manufacturing industry.

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