What Is
Generative Design?

What is Generative Design?

Truly generative design needs to take a concept through to production without spending hours on rendering, configuring or touching up ‘gagged geometry.’ Frustum’s impact on generative design is the realization of efficiencies across the entire lifecycle of creating a part, not just a piece of it

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Deliver Better
Products Faster

Calculate, optimize, adapt and validate design options in parallel by running multiple optimizations on the cloud.

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Design for a Higher
Complexity Future

Blend topology optimization and traditional CAD data to create fully printable designs without manual manipulation to smooth the geometry into mechanical interfaces.

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Unlock Additive Manufacturing’s Full Potential

Refine geometry detail to reduce weight and maintain integrity to fully utilize advanced manufacturing.

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Impacting the Future and Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing

Design capable of pushing additive manufacturing to its limit through advanced lattice structures, strong enough for any industrial application.

Creativity Unleashed

Move beyond CAD with generative design that improves function for any engineering challenge.

Designs for Higher Complexity

Control over complex geometry automatically blends mechanical and freeform design together for functional generative design.

Get Lean with Full-Cloud Generative Design

Multi-physics simulation and topology optimization in the cloud push additive manufacturing to its limits.

Functional, Agile Iterations

Automatic generation of design options - based on boundary constraints such as material, function, weight, cost etc. - in a fraction of the time it would take to create manually.

Topology Optimization in the Cloud

Frustum’s next generation geometry kernel is the only solution that allows designers to blend topology optimization and traditional CAD data resulting in fully manufacturable designs.

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