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Functional Generative Design

Generate is first to market with patented technology that combines the power of generative design with precise engineering geometry enabling customers to produce higher quality products faster, with fewer errors and lower costs.

Advanced Manufacturing Support

Powered by the industry’s first 3D volumetric modeling kernel, Generate provides designers and engineers greater control over highly complex geometries thereby enabling them to unlock the full potential of their advanced manufacturing workflows.

Cloud Platform

Generate accelerates generative design workflows by leveraging its cloud based platform enabling customers to quickly iterate on multiple design concepts. Browser based app, no download or installation required.

CAD Agnostic Workflow

Generate can work with design data from any CAD system and helps augment your existing workflow. The design output from Generate can be easily incorporated back into your CAD system or sent directly to additive manufacturing.

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Generate ® Design Workflow

  • Design Space

    Generate is CAD agnostic, upload a STEP file from any CAD system to start.

    The Design Space defines the boundary for the optimization.

  • Manufacturing Constraints

    Define Manufacturing Constraints to optimize the part for different manufacturing techniques such as Additive, Casting or Forging & CNC Machining.

    For Additive parts, Overhang Prevention techniques can be applied. For Cast or Forged parts, Generate can automatically create the parting lines in one-click based on specified draft angle.

  • Functional Specifications

    Define the functional specifications of the part in this step.

    Apply Boundary Conditions on the part such as Fixed, Loaded or Constrained. Apply Loadcases to the part including force, pressure, bearing load and torque.

  • Optimization

    Optimize the part for a given mass target with displacement and stress constraints.

    Use the power of Generate Cloud Platform, to simultaneously run multiple optimization scenarios. Quickly iterate on different design concepts and compare results.

  • Analysis

    Analyze and validate the structural aspects of the part. View FEA results for Stress and Displacement.

    Designs are functional and do not require re-modeling or time consuming post processing steps. Download a STL file of the final design to integrate into your CAD workflow or send directly to 3D printing.

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Functional Specifications





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