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Product Features

Native CAD file import

Import single parts or assemblies in any native CAD or neutral file format

Single and multi-body optimizations

Import a single body and optimize it using loads and constraints on faces, or bring in a large assembly and optimize one or more parts simultaneously

Multiple loads and constraints

Industry-standard loads (force, moment, pressure, acceleration) and constraints (fixed, pin joint, ball joint, linear slider, planar slider)

Real-time FEA

View stress concentrations and displacement maps as the design progresses, and make changes as needed

Standard and user-defined material library

Library of industry-standard metals, alloys and plastics, and the ability to create your own library of custom materials

Interactive design changes

Always-on optimization engine means you can review the design progression in real time and react quickly if changes are needed

Windows 64-bit multi-threaded architecture

Designed from the ground up with performance in mind, GENERATE optimizes parts in seconds or minutes, not hours

GPU-enabled for NVIDIA graphic cards

Optimization runs even faster with NVIDIA graphics cards by leveraging GPU's to deliver a near real time design experience

Intelligent lattice generation

Create strong, lightweight designs that leverage the power of advanced manufacturing processes like additive by creating lattices and gyroids that blend perfectly with existing geometry [COMING SOON]

GENERATE in Action:
GE Bracket Challenge

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Professional Users

One of our experts will share with you the complete GENERATE solution including topology optimization, real-time multi-physics simulation, TrueSOLID modeling and intelligent lattices. 

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