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Getting Started

A brief guide designed to help you get up and running with GENERATE quickly and easily 

Getting Started (PDF)


Follow instructions on obtaining a machine-specific license from the GENERATE Support team

Licensing Instructions (PDF)
License Utility (ZIP)


Step-by-step instructions on how to use GENERATE, focusing on specific functionality and workflows (last updated 6/19/2019)

GENERATE Tutorials (ZIP)

Sample Models

A collection of CAD models referenced and used in the tutorials (required download for self-training)

Sample Models (ZIP)


Watch examples of how CAD data is imported and set up for topology optimization

GENERATE Demo - Bracket (MP4)
GENERATE Demo - Lever (MP4)
GENERATE v2.0.1 What's New

Release Notes

Release notes documenting the changes in the most recent version of GENERATE

What's New in GENERATE v2.0.1